Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Healthful eating vs Thanksgiving - or, Can't We All Just Get Along?!

Hidey ho, Darlings. :) Here I sit, a several-pounds-lighter and almost-entirely-caffeine-free sparkling Unicorn. (How the hell did that happen?!) The caffeine part was not as difficult as I'd imagined back when my partner and I embarked upon the start of our quest for clean eating. You know, 'way back' a couple of weeks ago... In some ways it seems like the time has flown by. In others - like during the 5 days of juice-only detoxing - it seemed like time was standing still. For the most part, I felt pretty well during that period, but kicking addictions is hard on a person, physically and emotionally.

My particular demons included salty and/or fried things and the Holy Mother of my life, the goddess caffeine. I also had to kick a minor sugar addiction. That one was relatively new to me. While I can appreciate that sweet things are yummy on occasion, I’ve never had to battle the desire to scarf them all down unless they were literally sitting in front of me. (Sitting right in front of me makes anything fair game, right?)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Phat Unicorn! has merged with Unicorn Babble!

Hidey ho, friends and neighbors! Now that the Juice Feast A-GoGo! is done, I've decided to merge Phat Unicorn! with our sister site, Unicorn Babble!

Phat Unicorn will continue to post food related items; Unicorn Babble will be non-food-related material.

Feel free to follow us over and join in the babble! :)

** Warning ** Unicorn Babble occasionally posts things of interest to an LGBTQ (and allies) audience. Not everything is all-gay-all-the-time, but if you're homophobic or think 'teh gays'(sic) are evil, you'd probably be happier not reading it. Just sayin'.