Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Healthful eating vs Thanksgiving - or, Can't We All Just Get Along?!

Hidey ho, Darlings. :) Here I sit, a several-pounds-lighter and almost-entirely-caffeine-free sparkling Unicorn. (How the hell did that happen?!) The caffeine part was not as difficult as I'd imagined back when my partner and I embarked upon the start of our quest for clean eating. You know, 'way back' a couple of weeks ago... In some ways it seems like the time has flown by. In others - like during the 5 days of juice-only detoxing - it seemed like time was standing still. For the most part, I felt pretty well during that period, but kicking addictions is hard on a person, physically and emotionally.

My particular demons included salty and/or fried things and the Holy Mother of my life, the goddess caffeine. I also had to kick a minor sugar addiction. That one was relatively new to me. While I can appreciate that sweet things are yummy on occasion, I’ve never had to battle the desire to scarf them all down unless they were literally sitting in front of me. (Sitting right in front of me makes anything fair game, right?)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Phat Unicorn! has merged with Unicorn Babble!

Hidey ho, friends and neighbors! Now that the Juice Feast A-GoGo! is done, I've decided to merge Phat Unicorn! with our sister site, Unicorn Babble!

Phat Unicorn will continue to post food related items; Unicorn Babble will be non-food-related material.

Feel free to follow us over and join in the babble! :)

** Warning ** Unicorn Babble occasionally posts things of interest to an LGBTQ (and allies) audience. Not everything is all-gay-all-the-time, but if you're homophobic or think 'teh gays'(sic) are evil, you'd probably be happier not reading it. Just sayin'.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Food, marvelous food!

Hidey ho, friends and neighbors! Just a short update to let you know my partner and I are still alive! We've converted over from juice-only to juicing plus whole foods, and things are going splendidly. We spent a fabulous weekend out of state with friends, and I can tell you ... it feels really good to be actually chewing food again!

The first thing I ate was a piece of sprouted Ezekiel sesame bread spread with a ripe avocado, and sprinkled with lemon juice, sea salt and black pepper. Heaven! We're juicing every day, and focusing as much as possible on raw and whole foods. We're both feeling good, looking good, and keeping on keeping on... I'm a bit hormonal right now anyhow, but hey, that happens. I'm planning to go skating tonight (roller, in a rink - which I love, but which I'm also pretty out of shape for). I'll take it easy and only do what I can do, with frequent resting. Should be fun!

Sorry for becoming so sporadic a blogger - I'll keep in touch! ::wink::

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 5 - Juice Feast A-GoGo!

Hiya, friends and neighbors. ::grin::

Just a quick note here on Day 5. Made a fabulous juice this morning - got a big thumbs-up from my partner as well. It's jam-packed with anti-oxidants and alkalizing nutrition, too. (Alkalizing is what helps your body heal inside and, in particular, seems to 'turn off' the triggers for cancers according to several studies. So I'm big on that, clearly.)

Christmas Crush (v. 1)

1/3 pineapple (peeled)
1.5 cups raw whole cranberries
1/3 box strawberries
1 cup kale (de-stemmed)
1/2 orange (peeled)
1 cucumber
1" piece gingeroot (peeled)


I wish I'd taken a picture of it in the bowl before we juiced it. It looked very Christmassy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 4 - See, here's the thing...

Hello, greetings, and good afternoon to everyone. (Read that in a weird old-time radio announcer voice and it'll be funnier. I promise!)

We're more than halfway through Day 4 of Juice Feast A-GoGo!, and I've got some really mixed feelings going on. And, since I promised I would, I'm here to tell you about them. Read on, if you dare (or care)...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random thoughts ... Day 3

Mentally I'm having the hardest time with sweeteners. I've switched to pure Stevia (not the 'in the raw' kind, which adds dextrose and another chemical as well) for my herbal tea, because I don't like most flavors without some sweetness. I would like to switch entirely to honey, but I don't have any 'real' honey - just what you get at the grocery store, which have all been filtered until there's no real food left in them.

On a side-note, it makes me angry that they can call a product 100% honey, but don't have to tell you that they've filtered out all the things that make honey good for you, leaving only the sugar... So, I need to go to a beekeeper or find a place to get raw, unfiltered honey.

Being chemical-free is much, much harder than I had anticipated. It's going to be worth it, but ... wow. Sometimes it seems like everything is full of poison.  No wonder this generation is the first one expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents and grandparents!

Day 3 - Juice Feast A-GoGo! :)

Not my pic.Tell me if it's
 yours and I'll credit you.

Hidey ho, all! Hope you're all fabulous. I'm feeling spritely today, partway through Day 3 of the juice 'feast'. Missing food a little bit, off and on - mostly off.

It generally comes at times that I would normally think about cooking a meal. For example, after work when I walk downstairs from my office to the kitchen, the thought pops up, "Should I start dinner?" Then I realize - nope, but I should go juice something, immediately if not sooner! Yesterday I stayed upstairs at the computer for 15 minutes longer than I planned to, and by the time I got downstairs and we started getting ready to juice for dinner, we were ravenous. So, lesson learned.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 2 - Juice Feast A-GoGo!

Day two, and again, no one has died.  I should clarify that by this I mean 'My partner and I haven't killed each other yet,' not that I expect any ill results physically!

Eiric and I have had our morning lemon water (lemon/ginger for me), have made all our juice for - I think - all the way through dinner, and are sitting down to our breakfast (watermelon, basil, lime). :)

Looking forward to lunchtime - we're having gazpacho juice!

Mood = good.
Body = hamstrings hurt, but that's most of the time
Cold = Continues to retreat rather than set in (a huge HOORAY!!); sinus pressure and post nasal drip approx 1 out of 10. BIG WIN. :)

See you all later. Thanks for checking in.

~the Phat Unicorn

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 1 - Juice Feast A-GoGo!

Juice Feast A-GoGo! of October 2013 is officially ON! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Today is Day 1 of our scheduled 10-day health reboot. No one is dead yet.

I may post that last bit every once in a while, if things are looking/feeling rough, to remind myself that we are still here and juicing! Because it's healthful and fun. ::chuckle::

Here's my Day 1 photo. :: You can feel free to insert ta-dah! sound here... and maybe a trumpet or something:: The outfit is colorful. I usually am colorful. Right now I'm feeling a little snoozy... And working. Hm.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

T-Minus 12 hours to "Juice Feast A-GoGo"..!

The 'test juice'

Hidey-ho! :) Phat Unicorn here, checking in the night before beginning what I have now christened our 10-day Juice Feast A-GoGo! Feeling optimistic and only slightly apprehensive about taking in nothing but juiced fruits, vegetables and herbs (and water) for the next week and a half. Partner is also staying positive - although we are both hoping it goes more easily than we expect.

So, where are we? New Breville Crush juicer. Spent WAY less than expected on a whole trunkload of fresh veggies, fruits and herbs at Randazzo - we may have bought more than we should have at once, so I hope it stays fresh. We'll be going through a LOT of food pretty quickly, so I'm hopeful it's all right. And if not, we learned a lesson while not being overcharged for the food. So, either way is OK - although clearly we'd rather it didn't go bad. ;)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Timeframe adjustment - now T-minus TWO days! :)

Hidey-ho, friends and neighbors! (Apparently I'm channeling Wilson on Home Improvement for some reason...)

Sharing an update! I got an email that the juicer I ordered is on undetermined delay. NOT happy news. So, in order to avoid delaying my anticipated start date of next week, I am forced to break down and drive to Williams and Sonoma to pick up an alternative choice.

The bad news: The alternative juicer is significantly more expensive.
The good news: The new juicer ROCKS!
The even-better news: W-S has one in stock, and it's on the hold shelf with my name on it right now!

This is it:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Countdown to 'Juicer Day': T-minus 4 days and counting...

Hello again. I’m checking in with my timeline and plan, to lay things on the line so that I can really be held accountable.

I’ve got a heavy-duty juicer on order (a Big Boss, if anyone is curious). It is scheduled to arrive this Monday. The day after it arrives, my partner and I will begin a 10-day juice fast (called a ‘reboot’), following guidelines laid out by Joe Cross in his “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary, and using recipes from Joe, from Kriss Carr (author of “Crazy Sexy Cancer” and “Crazy Sexy Kitchen”, and cancer survivor), and others.

This is a very high-nutrient and healthful juice “feast” more than a fast, and is intended to remove artificial chemicals and toxins from the body – things put in unknowingly while eating store-bought, processed “food-like products” for years and years, instead of natural foods.

We will do this for 10 days, and then evaluate our progress and how we feel. It’s possible to do the reboot for 30 or 60 days as well, but it obviously depends on each person and how their body responds to the reboot. We may or may not decide to go further. Right now, I’m just hoping I make it through the ten! After so many years of building up a really unhealthy relationship with processed, chemical-laden foods, I expect to have to make a big adjustment mentally as well as physically. I will do my best – that’s all anyone can do, right?

I also have a heavy-duty food processor that should arrive during the time of my reboot. After the 10 days, we will begin transitioning to an orthomolecular diet (that’s a fancy word for “whole foods”, foods eaten in a mostly unprocessed and natural state). Hopefully, we will have lost much of our craving for store-bought ‘food-like products’ (which we’ve already begun calling ‘cardboard’) during the reboot, and will be able to start planning and preparing healthful, ‘whole food’ meals – most of which will be vegetarian or vegan, with meat perhaps 2-3 times per week.

It’s the planning and preparing that has seemed to ‘get me’ in the past. I’m kind of lazy, and it just seems so much easier to buy prepared food. However, since I am no longer interested in poisoning my body or the body of my partner – plan we shall!

I know that these are a lot of really big changes. To some people, it may seem un-doable. How can you drink juice – without eating something else – for 10 days? How can you just give up ‘normal food’ (i.e., ‘cardboard’ food-like products full of poison) cold-turkey and hope to succeed for more than a few days? To those people I can answer you very simply: I want to live.

I don’t want to go early, the way that my parents and other loved ones have. I want to live as long as my grandmothers, or longer – as long as those women who were raised on real food, without chemical additives or processing, and who led active lives. I want to reverse these medical conditions that are already slowly eating at me, and feed my body what it needs to heal – real, natural fuel, instead of chemical-rich toxic garbage. I want to spend 40 years longer or more with my partner. And I want to enjoy the life we have, not endure it.

I want to live.

How important does a deep-fried, hormone-filled, processed and artificially-created ‘chicken’ nugget with a laundry list of additives and poisons sound compared to that?

Right. And that’s why I’m doing this.

Why Phat?!

There's a dual meaning to the name of this blog, as is probably obvious. The first comes from Urban Dictionary:  

phat (adj)
1. cool
2. Pretty Hot And Tempting

That sounds pretty good! However, UD goes on thusly:  The problem with "phat" is that it is no longer in really. … I wouldn't use it if I was you.

The second is more obvious – the Unicorn is fat.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Local food, for local people... (This post is probably not what you think.)

Hello and happy Fall greetings, my Darlings! J I hope you’re all keeping well. This is your Unicorn’s favorite time of year: crisp leaves crunching underfoot (or hoof), the smell of bonfires in the air, and cooler temps. Unicorns hate to sweat! Ugh. Almost as much as we hate spiders. Almost. Halloween decorations have been popping up in the neighborhood for the past couple of weeks. LOVE it! Nothing makes me happier than Fall.

Except maybe Pringles, which I will no longer be eating, starting on November 3rd of this year.